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  Welcome to the Prison Department of Malaysia's Official Portal
Malaysian Prisons Department is a professional correctional entity in this country. As an institution of detention and rehabilitation, the Malaysia Prisons Department has the machinery and manpower strength of quality and pro-active in implementing the vision, mission and objectives that have been recommended.



Prison is different from the institution or organization in modern society. The difference is not just from physical appearance, but it is a place where a group of employees who are trained to serve to manage and maintain a group of people called "prisoners / detainees / juveniles". The second group did not come willingly, but they were forced into and kept from leaving the prison by guards, walls and fences. In other words, the management of the Prison Department can not choose our customers and do not have the power to release them. Prisoners / detainees / residents must live in accordance with the regulations and their movements are very controlled. The concept of the present prison affair, prison is a place where prisoners are held, controlled and pelbaga undergoing rehabilitation activities until their release date. Society must realize that the philosophy of the prison affair is a measure of the civilization of a society of a country life. Prisons Department of Malaysia is the last institution in the implementation of the "Criminal Justice System", and responsible to the Ministry of Internal Security. Malaysian Prisons Department to serve the community by holding those sentenced by the court.

Prison Department's task is to control them with a feeling of humanity and help them lead useful and law-abiding while in custody and after release.



History of Establishment


During British rule, and until the arrival of the Japanese, places of punishment was carried out under the responsibility of state government regulations, respectively. For the Straits Settlements, a Superintendent based in Singapore to act as a supervisor to make inspections under the state territory. Straits are the states that start to develop the jail-prison while the Malay States is developing a prison- prison after the British set up a responsible administration. Taiping Prison, better known as "Taiping Gaol", which is the largest prison in Malaya at that time was developed in 1879. Prison administration was established with the main aim to create suffering in the lives of prisoners in the hope that this suffering will prevent those who commit crimes. In 1881, Sikh wadar wadar brought in to help the Malays and carpentry instructor from Hong Kong used in an effort to introduce the company in prison. Among the early industries such as broken stone and woodworking. In 1882, an attempted categorization of prisoners, and in 1889 made ??wadar in Europe has been appointed in some prisons. With the establishment of the Federated Malay States, Taiping Prison made ??a long sentence prisoner detention center for the state of Perak, Pahang, Johor and Selangor. In 1923, the Visiting Justice System was introduced. Prison enterprises have been developed and includes the work of printing, weaving, sewing, rattan and iron enterprises. In 1924, quarry jobs are eliminated and replaced with coconut at work.
During the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945), the prison was used as a public prisons and prisoners of war by the Japanese Army. During this war, all records concerning prisons and prisoners destroyed.

After World War II, Prisons Headquarters established and administers all the prisons in Malaya. Post-war era saw the back quiet and modern administrative methods introduced. State of emergency in 1948 caused the number of prisoners increased and there is overcrowding in prisons. This resulted in the development of stunted and only prison during the late 1949, the restored calm and focus on the development of the prison system can be fully exercised.

In 1952, the Prison Law was enacted and followed the drafting of the Federal Prison Regulations 1953 which introduced the concept of modern services to replace the old prison laws. In that same year, Bill Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice Bill) was passed and this law has abolished torture with whips (cat of nine tails) and the use of the term "prison" for the words "penal servitude". Year 1957, the year of independence for the Federation of Malaya and the first apostle of City Jail has been appointed to handle the administration of all prisons in the Federation of Malaya. With the formation of Malaysia in 1963, the Prisons Department of Malaysia comprises the management of prisons for Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. On 2 November 1995 the Prison Act 1995 came into force to replace the old Prisons Act. On 1 September 2000 was enacted the Prison Regulations 2000 to replace the previous regulations. Former Act and regulations have long been used and should be changes and improvements based on need and change of management and administrative machinery to streamline the prison institution. In an era of development and modernity, Malaysian Prison Department is aware of the fact that we must not be complacent with past achievements and should move forward and innovate to help smooth the prison administration in dealing with modern cultures in criminology, penalogi and social control as a whole.



List of Former-Former Director General of Prisons


Capt. E.S. Lilley
01.04.1946 - 11.09.1949
11.09.1949 - 01.10.1956
01.10.1956 - 02.10.1957
03.10.1957 - 24.07.1977
25.07.1977 - 30.04.1988
01.05.1988 - 07.11.1989
01.03.1990 - 07.02.1994
09.02.1994 - 31.12.1997
01.01.1998 - 16.10.2001
17.10.2001 - 22.08.2009

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