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  Malaysia Correctional Journal

The Prisons Department of Malaysia has published a correctional journal called the Malaysia Correctional Journal. This journal is published every year beginning in 2017. The Malaysia Correctional Journal is aimed to serve as a reference material for the area of prison involving various areas of study such as counseling, criminology, psychology, communication, education and social sciences. The published journal article is a result of academic writing from prison officers, students, university lecturers and others who have conducted a research at the Prisons Department of Malaysia. Terms and conditions for writing articles in Malaysia Correctional Journal are:

1. Each article and manuscript submitted to the journal must be original by either an individual or a group of researchers; for example, prison officers, students, lecturers of colleges or universities, civil servants, or any government agencies or private organizations.
2. The research that are required for this journal can be in various fields either the research on prisons in relation to sociology, counseling, psychology, criminology, education, communication, correctional issues and many other topics.
3. The article should have not been submitted for publication in any other journals, magazines etc.
4. Each article should be either in Bahasa Malaysia or English, and it should contain the followings:
  4.1 Title
  4.2 Author's name
  4.3 Abstract
  4.4 Introduction
  4.5 Research Objective
  4.6 Research Methodology
  4.7 Results
  4.8 Conclusion
  4.9 References
5. The format of the journal articles is as follows:
  5.1 Font and font size : Times New Roman, font 12.
  5.2 Line spacing: 1.5
  5.3 The length of the article should not exceed 30 pages, including references.
  5.4 Tables should be numbered consecutively and headed with short titles placed above the tables. Illustrations (including graphs and diagrams) should be numbered consecutively and have short titles placed below the illustrations.
  5.5 Abstract should be italicized and should not exceed 200 words. It should include a summary of the study, the study’s findings, conclusions and 5-6 keywords. For each article, the abstract should be written in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.
  5.6 Citations and references are as prescribed by The American Psychological Association (APA) (for example: Smith, 1998; Smith et al, 2002). Endnotes should be kept to the minimum possible, indicated by superscript figures in the text and placed at the end of the manuscript. References list containing all the work referred to, is in alphabetical order, and appears after endnotes. For example: Scott, K.W.M. (1990). Homicide pattern in west midlands. Med Sci Law, 30, 234–238.
6. Each article will be sent to the Editor who has been appointed by the Prisons Department of Malaysia for review and evaluation.
7. Any articles that does not comply with the conditions specified will be returned to the author for improvement and amendment before publication.
8. For submission of the article or manuscript, please email to:; or fax : +603-87374194, or post the hardcopy of the article to: Prison Policy Division, Prison Headquarters, Bukit Wira, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.


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