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  Charitable Donations

1. Name: Malaysia Prison Department Charitable Donations
2. Registered Address Ibu Pejabat Penjara Malaysia, Bukit Wira, 43000 Kajang, SELANGOR.
3. Registration No.: 13678-V
4. Date of registration: 22th. February, 1973
5. Objective Assist members groups / beneficiaries in charitable upon death
6. Members
a. Member
Every officer serving in the Prisons Department shall be eligible to apply to become a member of the Prisons Department Bereavement Aid Fund with a registration fee of RM5.00 (RM five only). If the officer is older than 50, a medical verification letter from a doctor is required.
b. Permanent Member
30 tahun Bersara wajib RM 100.00
25 tahun Bersara wajib RM 200.00
15 tahun Bersara wajib RM 300.00
15 tahun

Bersara pilihan /bertukar ke jabatan lain

RM 300.00
15 tahun

Ahli tidak memohon menjadi Ahli Tetap semasa bersara.Kemudian, boleh memohon menjadi Ahli Tetap, dalam tempoh tidak melebihi 1 tahun selepas bersara.

RM 500.00

c. Termination of membership

A member of the Bereavement Aid Fund will lose his/her membership upon his/her resignation, termination or transfer from service in the Prisons Department unless he/she chooses to remain as a permanent member, subject to the terms of eligibility as stated above.

7. Collection
Regular collection through salary deduction by the ANGKASA Service Bureau of RM7.00 for each member will be implemented beginning June 2016
8. Payment to Members (Effective from 16 January 2010)
a. Member - RM10,000.00
b. Permanent member - RM6,000.00
c. Spouse - RM3,000.00
d. Children - RM2,000.00 (children below 18 years only, including registered adopted children)
9. Nomination and Named Person
  • Wife or wives, husband (if member is female)
  • Children including any registered adopted children
  • Grandchildren
  • Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother
  • Siblings
  • Half-siblings
  • Children of siblings or half-siblings
  • Uncle and aunt from the same mother and father or the same mother or the same father
  • Children of uncle and aunt from the same mother and father or the same mother or the same father
  • Son-in-law and daughter-in-law
  • Any other persons duly nominated by the members, in accordance with the regulations, before, witnessed and signed by the Justice of Peace or magistrate.
10. Nomination Fee
The member may, in writing, revoke or change his/her nomination provided that the revocation or change is registered with the Bereavement Aid Fund during his/her lifetime. No payment is imposed for any registration of revocation and/or change.
11. Proof of Death
Payment of the death benefits may not be made to the nominees unless the original death certificate issued by a Registrar or Registrar of Deaths, and in the case of a member who passes away outside of Malaysia, a death certificate issued by the relevant local authority, is presented.
12. Mailing Address

Derma Khairat Kebajikan

Jabatan Penjara Malaysia IPPM,
Bukit Wira
43000 Kajang Selangor

Tel : 03-87328365
Fax : 03-87374194
Email :

Board of Director
Pengerusi YBhg. Dato’ Jamaludin bin Saad
Setiausaha Tn. Ahmad Shokri bin Mat Sarip
Bendahari Tn. Farit bin Salleh
Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Tn. Ibrisam bin Abdul Rahman
  Tn. Ku Nawawi bin Ku Hamid
  Tn. Mohd Muslih bin Mahmud
  Pn. Zamiah @ Zaimiah binti Parman
  Tn. Aminon bin Adnan
  Tn. Amer Shariffudin bin Mat Noor
  Tn. Mohamad Solehhuddin bin Shuid

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