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  Community Service

The sharing of responsibility plays a role in raising awareness and penitence in society to uphold the rule of law at all times to ensure its peace and well-being.

The department has introduced the Message from Prison Programme, an educational and crime prevention activity consisting of an exhibition and lectures by selected inmates who will share their life stories and experiences that led to their imprisonment as a lesson and example to the public.

How the community can assist the Prisons Department

The Prisons Department rehabilitation programme is in need of voluntary bodies or individuals who are interested to contribute as religious speakers or academic instructors to help prisoners who wish to turn their lives around.
Any form of donation such as food for any festivals, and food or money for Muslim prisoners to break their fast during Ramadan
Donation in the form of reading materials, whether educational, entertainment, novels and others, with the exception of those containing obscene and negative elements

Queries may be directed to the Welfare Section of the Rehabilitation Division in the Prisons Department Headquarters or the prison institution closest to you.

How the Prisons Department can help the community

Counsellors from the Prisons Department can assist by giving general talks in schools or to youth associations.
A prison workforce is provided to carry out communal work to clean public places, playgrounds, nursing homes and others together with the local community, subject to the approval of the Security Division of the Prisons Department Headquarters. Such community service may enable the prisoners to connect with the community, thereby giving rise to a sense of penitence as well as pride in being able to contribute to society.

All queries may be directed to the prison institution nearest to you or the Prisons Department Headquarters.


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