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  Profesionalism Development
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KP Ariffin Bin Mohd Noor

1. To produce credible, highly competent and professional personnel
2. To produce disciplined and knowledgeable personnel in order to produce high quality work
3. To form good values and a positive attitude
4. To enable value creation and value added in prison management
5. To provide direction for career advancement
6. To carry out inspectorate activities on the implementation and to evaluate the impact of the department’s main functions so as to enable continuous improvement through the effective implementation of the training mechanism


Training is an important aspect in improving the quality of service rendered by the staff. It is the primary method to produce knowledgeable and skilful staff with integrity. Training is also a continuous process and should not be emphasised only during the early stages of service.


Scope of Duty:
The scope of duty of the Inspectorate Unit, as guided by Treasury Circular No. 9 of 2004, is as follows:

1. To evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of the financial system and internal controls of the organisation

2. To evaluate the level of compliance of all the policies, laws, regulations and directives that are in force

3. To review the activities of the organisation in order to ensure that they are managed in a prudent, efficient and effective manner

4. To review the assets and interests of the organisation in order to ensure that they are protected against any loss, fraud and misappropriation

5. To give advice/views regarding the internal controls of all systems including the ICT system

6. To report the audit findings to the Commissioner General of Prisons and to take follow-up action on the issues raised

7. To prepare the annual plan and annual report of the Inspectorate Unit for approval by the Commissioner General of Prisons

8. To present the Inspectorate Report at the Prison Action Council (MATINPEN) meeting and at the relevant management meetings


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