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  Value & Ethic Code


In the pursuit of our vision and goals, we will adopt the following values:


  • Integrity is the basis for everything that we do


We will fulfil all legal obligations, act with trustworthiness and candour, and handle all finances as well as public property effectively.


  • Commitment and responsibility to the staff


The staff are an important asset in prison services. They are entrusted to develop and use their competence and abilities to the fullest, be responsible for all their actions, and work cohesively as a team. They will be treated fairly, respectfully and with openness, and their well-being will be of utmost importance.


  • Concern for the offenders


Offenders will be treated fairly, impartially and will be respected as individuals. Their punishment may be a restriction on their freedom, but they are entitled to a certain norm of life that is acknowledged whilst incarcerated. In the course of our duties, we will, as best as possible, involve their families and other members of the community.


  • Equal opportunity


We believe in equal opportunity and eliminating discrimination on unreasonable grounds.


  • Innovation and improvement.


Innovation and improvement are vital to the success of the service. We will always accept change and continuing progress to improve quality and ensure its effectiveness.




Code of Ethics:
The Prison Officer Code of Ethics shall be adhered to by all prison officers in the discharge of their responsibilities and daily duties. Guided by this Code of Ethics, a prison officer will not only be able to improve self-discipline but also be able to raise the image and performance of the department to become a world-class correctional agency.

The Code of Ethics is written in a general format so that its interpretation includes the requirements of the categories of staff of various ranks in the context of their respective duties, roles and responsibilities.

The Code of Ethics shall be read, understood and applied in line with the provisions of the law, regulations and procedures in existence, as prescribed.

It is hoped that the Code of Ethics will be made the basis by which prison officers uphold human resources as human capital that is the most important asset to the department’s standards of excellence.

The objectives of the Prison Officer Code of Ethics are as follows:

To instil a positive work attitude in the exercise of duties and responsibilities entrusted in order to improve the quality of work

To develop the discipline, credibility and integrity of prison officers who carry out duties as rehabilitation officers at correctional institutions

To create a harmonious and conducive work environment in order to improve performance excellence and raise the image of the department

To foster a culture of cooperation, fairness and impartiality as well as collaboration that is focused on group success

To produce quality service by practising an organised, efficient and effective use of resources

To make the Prisons Department a correctional agency that is responsive and proactive towards changes that occur at all times


To ensure focus is given to the achievement of the Prisons Department’s objectives, all prison officers need to carry out their duties with full responsibility based on the following core values:


To discharge their duties and responsibilities in accordance with religion, laws and regulations without taking advantage and acting in self-interest


To act with courtesy and rationally, using all the available resources to achieve the goals and quality results

To make statements, whether orally or in writing, based on that heard or seen without any concealment or embellishment of the facts

To convey something through actions (including in writing and orally) to the rightful, clearly and openly

To make a decision and act in accordance with the requirements of the law and regulations with courage and without favour or influence by any party

To value and accept all blessings and gifts, and express the same by working diligently, obeying all orders, being patient when challenged and willing to sacrifice time and energy in the interest of the department, nation and religion


Prison officers uphold at all times the Constitution of Malaysia, its legal system and comply with all regulations and their enforced elements professionally within the limits stipulated.

Prison officers are obliged to carry themselves with personal authoritativeness including being committed to excellence, being disciplined and having a professional character that may become a consistent and effective example to others.

Prison officers shall, at all times, serve with dedication, honesty, trustworthiness, discipline, diligence, efficiency, resoluteness, forthrightness, courage and commitment to raise the dignity and image of the department.

Prisons officers shall have a high degree of accountability as well as responsibility in carrying out their duties without any abuse of power and position for personal gain or in the interest of others.

Prison officers shall practise the values of honesty, sincerity and integrity in all dealings.

Prison officers shall continuously strive to improve themselves in various fields of knowledge and skills in order to improve the quality of service so that is efficient, fast and effective, and to be creative, innovative and motivated.

Prison officers are strictly prohibited from transmitting or disseminating any confidential information such as documents, records, files, pamphlets, notes or the like that can be exploited or manipulated and thereby pose a threat to the security of the prison management system.

Prison officers shall at all times respect one another regardless of rank and position. They shall have a positive attitude, compromise, be open minded and cooperative as a team in carrying out duties in the interest of the department.

PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF INMATESPrison officers shall at all times respect and protect the rights of inmates, and are prohibited from practising discrimination, persecution, violence or degradation regardless of the inmates’ race, religion, sex, marital status, age, ability, political beliefs and country of origin

Prison officers shall be fair and impartial to inmates and shall act based on the principles of humanity especially in the consideration of appeals, decisions and punishment by taking into account the provisions of the law, rights to freedom and confidentiality against anything that may bring discredit to an individual or any related party.


In general, it is hoped that this Code of Ethics will become a guide for all prison officers in respect of the ethics required to curb any form of abuse of responsibility and powers, as well as breach of laws and regulations. Understanding of and compliance with this Code of Ethics by the prison officers will make them a quality, productive and excellent group of officers.


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