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KP Ibrisam Bin Abdul Rahman
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To ensure continuity of the rehabilitation programmes and more effective supervision in the hope of giving prisoners a second chance to carry on with life through the process of reintegration into society


  • To assist inmates in adapting to society
  • To give inmates a second chance at a better life in the future
  • To conduct a parole programme under the supervision of trained parole officers

The Parole & Community Service Division consists of:

Parole Application Unit:


  • Manages and regulates the development of the Parole Management Information System
  • Is responsible for the maintenance, upgrading and monitoring of the Parole Management Information System to ensure its smooth operation
  • Ensures that all parole offices of the Prisons Department are able to access the Parole Management Information System
  • Integrates the Parole Management Information System with the Offender Management Information System for the purposes of sharing information and reducing manual activities
  • Provides support services to users of the Parole Management Information System
  • Identifies the existing and new ICT requirements for the parole offices
  • Conducts training for parole officers in the use of the Parole Management Information System

Programmes / Initiatives


  • Reduction in recidivism rate
  • Promotion of good behaviour among the inmates
  • Provision of opportunities for suitable employment
  • Fostering of intense involvement of the community
  • Reduction in inmate operational costs in prison
  • Help in reducing overcrowding in prisons

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