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  Inmate Management

KP Ariffin Bin Mohd Nor

i) To ensure that inmates undergo effective rehabilitation (Human Development Programme) in order to reduce the rate of recidivism to not more than 17%
ii) To reduce the rate of complaints against the treatment system to not more than 3%
iii) To ensure that the inmates are provided with appropriate health facilities. In relation thereto, this division has set a target of medical treatment for at least 80% of the inmates

i) Moral rehabilitation of inmates
To conduct rehabilitation programmes for the inmates in order to improve their physical and mental condition as well as their morality, based on the good values of society
ii) Treatment of inmates
To ensure that the inmates are treated in accordance with human values vis-à-vis their health, basic needs, familial and societal relationships, in line with the guidelines prescribed by the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules (UNSMR)
iii) Medical treatment for inmates
To ensure that inmates who require medical treatment have the opportunity to receive treatment at the prison clinic or at a hospital near the prison


The rehabilitation section is divided into 3 main units, namely, the Character Development Unit, Treatment Unit, Religious Unit and Welfare Unit.
- Rehabilitation
- Treatment
- Education


1. Vocational
a) Regulates and monitors the industrial workshops conducted, specifically in planning the procurement of equipment, machinery and raw materials through the annual operating budget estimate and the development budget under each Malaysia Plan
b) Monitors the maintenance of machines and the implementation of the occupational safety and health policy not only in the workshops but also at workplaces involving staff and inmates
c) Formulates policies, coordinates, conducts and monitors trust workshops in all the prison institutions, specifically from the financial and management aspects
d) Is involved in the implementation, monitoring and expansion of joint venture and service schemes of the Prisons Department

2. Marketing
a) Promotes and markets My Pride products. Click here.
b) Provides advisory service for users, in addition to conducting inspection or monitoring of the marketing and promotion of products in all prison institutions
c) Controls and coordinates My Pride product prices in all prison institutions
d) Collects and monitors earnings from sale of prison products

3. Product Research and Development Section
a) Plans product research and development
b) Conducts quality control of My Pride products
c) Determines the amount of production of any particular product or service
d) Plans and develops the skills and careers of staff and inmates in relation to vocational skills that involve certified skill training, whether long term or short term
e) Plans the manpower requirements of the Vocational and Industrial Division of the Prisons Department


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