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Mohd Fauzee bin Abd Majid

- To ensure that all the planning for the Prisons Department’s development projects is carried out and completed within the scheduled period
- To ensure that allocation for development is managed more effectively and efficiently in order to comply with all financial procedures
- To ensure that the administration of the department is efficient and organised
- To ensure that the requirements of the Prisons Department, whether of the inmates or personnel, are effectively procured through tender and quotation invitations in accordance with the stipulated financial procedures


- To plan development projects and prepare the annual development budget estimate
- To choose, control and track the physical progress of development projects
- To prepare building and equipment estimates for the implementation of projects
- To coordinate the Five-Year Development Plan
- To procure, purchase and supply various stocks as well as common services
- To control the distribution of stock and common services as well as exchange of common goods stock and others
- To manage central contracts, departmental contracts and quotations for the procurement of supplies and services
- To manage the disposal of goods with the approval of either the Director General or the Ministry of Finance


Sections and Units:
Development Section
Procurement Section
Administration Unit




Functions and Role:
- To plan development projects and prepare the annual development budget estimate
- To identify the requirements and priorities for the implementation of development, repair and upgrading projects for the department and institutions
- To coordinate the Five-Year Development Plan
- To supervise and update the physical and financial reports for the development projects


Units under the Development Section:


Project Implementation Unit:
- Operations and Monitoring
- Budget


Project Management Unit
- Maintenance
- Technical




Functions and Role:
- To plan, manage and carry out procurement of tools and equipment for the Prisons Department as approved in the Five-Year Malaysia Plan

- To plan and prepare the development expenditure estimate (P.62) which covers:
i. Security measures
ii. Workshop tools and machinery
iii. Information technology requirements
iv. Vehicles

- To plan and carry out the provisions of B.62 – Operating Expenditure for the procurement of supplies/services under the approved allocation

- To establish contracts for service and maintenance such as for panel clinic services, sanitation work, maintenance of the Integrated Electronic Security System and others

- To plan and enforce store, moveable asset and live asset management procedures for the department

- To enforce and monitor the procurement contracts established


Units under the Procurement Section:

Tender Procurement Unit
Quotation and Direct Purchase Procurement Unit
Technical Unit


Asset Management Unit:
- Monitoring and Disposal
- Central Supply and Storage


Programmes / Initiatives
- Ensures that at least 98% of the allocation for development projects, security measures, and repairs and renovations is spent each year (BK-MK-12)

- Ensures that the contract for the supply of wet rations and other goods is managed, monitored and supervised such that at least 80% of the contract requirements are complied with each month (BK-MK-13 and BK-MK-14)

- Ensures that at least 90% of the electronic security system in the relevant prisons is functioning at any given time (BK-MK-15)


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