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1. Name :

SAHABAT Club - Prisons Department Of Malaysia


2. Registered Address :

Ibu Pejabat Penjara Malaysia,
Bukit Wira, 43000 Kajang,


3. Registration No. :

5795/95 (Selangor)


4. Date Registered :

17th October 1995




Encourage and promote the welfare of prisoners, residents and their families during the period of detention and after release
Trying to get donations, sponsorships, donations to fund welfare programs and skills training for prisoners and inmates and former convicts and inmates
Encourage the participation of the rural community to give talks as a means of rehabilitation residents
Create a feeling of concern and the public a positive view of former prisoners as part of the community and guide them to become useful citizens.
Encourage other activities in the interests of prisoners and residents of the whole

Economic or business activities, or work with other parties where the profits from the activities above can not be distributed to members, otherwise used to further the aims FRIENDS only.


Membership and Membership Application


Open to :-
1. Individual Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above.
2. Representatives of voluntary organizations and non-governmental organizations that are registered. Organizations or voluntary bodies may send a representative not later than three (3) representatives.
3. Institution or body corporate, governmental or quasi-governmental agency whose membership represented by three (3) members.


Each application shall be submitted to the membership COMPANIONS:

Bahagian Parol Dan Perkhidmatan Komuniti
Ibu Pejabat Penjara Malaysia,
Bukit Wira, 43000 Kajang,


by filling out a membership application form can be obtained from the Secretary General FRIENDS. Secretary-General upon receipt of this application will be submitted to the Management Committee for consideration. Management committee at its discretion may accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

Every applicant whose application for approval shall within 15 clear days prior to the registration fee for certified membership rights.

Payment of Registration Fees and Other Quotes


Individual registration fee: RM 1.00
Registration fee voluntary organizations, corporate bodies: RM 10.00

The registration fee must be paid within 15 days after the application is approved by the Management Committee membership. No other charges apply.
Members who allow their registration more than three months in arrears shall automatically forfeit membership.
Special collection of members for specific purposes may be conducted with the consent of the General Meeting of members.
The Management Committee
1. President : Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Azman Hashim
2. Deputy President :Y. Bhg. Datuk Mustafa B. Osman
3. Vice President I :

Y. Bhg. Dato' Hj. Zulkifli bin Omar

4. Vice President I :Y. Bhg. Dato' Zaman Khan
5. Secretary :En. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Razak
6. Assistant Secretary : Deputy Director of Rehabilitation
7. Treasurer :Dr. Gularindan a/l Chelladurai @ Indran
8. Member :Y. Bhg. Dato' Hj Hassan bin Sakimon
:Tn Hj. Mohd Noh bin Tan Sri Murad
:Tn Hj. Ahmad Rashid bi n Hj. Ahmad
:Datuk Hj. Jamil bin Hj. Salleh
:Tn Hj. Ahmad Shukur bin Abdul Manas
:En. Jamil Razif bin Kasim
:En. Che Wan Azhar bin Che Muda
:En. Idris bin Ismail
9. According to the Zone Committee
Kedah:En. Mohd Sakeri bin Dollah
Pulau Pinang:En. Ibrisam bin Abdul Rahman
Perak:Narander Singh a/l Chand Singh
Selangor:En. Alzafry Mohamed Alnasiff bin Mohamed Adahan
Wilayah Persekutuan:Tn Hj. Darussalam bin Hj. Budin
Melaka :En. Jamil Razif bin Kasim
Negeri Sembilan:En. Ku Nawawi bin Ku Abdul Hamid
Johor :En. Wan Abd. Rahman bin Abdullah
Terengganu :En. Nordin bin Mohamad
Kelantan:Tn Hj. Abdul Basir bin Mohamad
Pahang :En. Roslan bin Hj. Mohamad
Sabah:En. Mohd Sabri bin Yaacob
Sarawak :En. Mohd. Zawawi bin Abdul Rahman
10. Auditor :Tn Hj. Darussalam bin Hj. Budin
:En. Ibrisam bin Abdul Rahman
11. Trustee :Y. Bhg. Dato' Ibrahim b. Hj. Mohammad
:Y. Bhg. Dato' Omar bin Mohd. Dan
12. Chairman of the Bureau
Islamic Bureau :Tn. Hj. Ahmad Rashid bin Ahmad
Other Religious :Pn. Kausalya Devi a/l Satoo
Culture :Datuk Hj. Jamil bin Hj. Salleh
Club Fund :Tn Hj. Ahmad Shukur bin Abdul Manas
Sports & Recreation :Tn. Hj. Md. Noh bin Tan Sri Murad
Education, Training & Welfare :Y. Bhg. Dato' Hj. Hassan bin Sakimon
Activities Development :En. Jamil Razif bin Kasim
Membership Promotion :En. Idris bin Ismail
Assistance to prisoners who are released :En. Che Wan Azhar bin Che Muda

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