Malaysia Prisons Deparment
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The Prisons Department is the final institution within the criminal justice system in Malaysia. In this context, it has been entrusted with the following:

  1. Implementation of the order for detention issued by the courts or other competent authorities against an inmate until his/her release;
  2. Control over the inmates in custody;
  3. Implementation of rehabilitation programmes through various approaches to enable inmates to return to society as useful and productive citizens

Conditions and Regulations 

a. To submit the application for research to the Director of Prison Management of the Prisons Department Headquarters at least one month before commencement of research

      1. Personal data of researcher
      2. Title of research
      3. Research period
      4. Information required
      5. Letter of support from the relevant educational institution

b. Applications shall be submitted through the director of educational institution and copies of the same shall be submitted to the relevant Director of Prison.

c. The research conducted must not adversely affect the image of the Prisons Department and the Government of Malaysia

d. Researchers are not allowed to take photographs of the prisoners and the interior physical structure of the prison. Photographs may be taken only of the exterior, in front of the prison main entrance.

e. Researchers are not allowed to use any part of the coverage/interview/article for purposes of broadcast or publication without the prior written consent of the Director General of Prisons.

f. Researchers and the relevant educational institutions shall be fully accountable for the publication of the relevant coverage/interview/article.

g. A copy of the research results shall be handed over to the Prison Management Division of the Prisons Department Headquarters and the Director of the relevant prison for review and record purposes. If this condition is not complied with, the Prisons Department will not entertain any future applications from students of the educational institution concerned.

h. The researchers are subject to any laws in force and action, including legal action, may be taken against any breach.

i. The Prisons Department reserves the right to withdraw the approval granted or the results of the research carried out in the event of non-compliance with any prescribed procedures.

j. The Prisons Department shall not be responsible for any unwanted incidents that may occur during the research.

k. Researchers shall comply with and be subjected to any other conditions that the Director General of Prisons and the Director of the relevant prison may, from time to time, prescribe.

Contact Person

Inspektor Rohayu binti Ismail
Bahagian Pengurusan Kepenjaraan
Ibu Pejabat Penjara Malaysia
Bukit Wira, 43000 Kajang

E-mail :
No. Tel. : 03-87328000


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