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Pn. Nor Kamisah Binti Che Daud

To lead the transformation of the department’s human resource management and development by driving the modernisation of human capital to be more organised, competent and efficient, and through administrative management


In order to ensure that the human resource management of the department is more efficient, effective and continues to be relevant and responsive to current challenges, five (5) main functions have been established:

1. To integrate, in a comprehensive and flexible manner, the filling up of posts, restructuring of the organisation, as well as placement and transfer of staff through more integrated and precise planning of the workforce

2. To automate the provisioning of services to personnel and staff through efficient provision of facilities as allocated to civil servants by the government

3. To align individual goals with organisational goals through a more effective administration of matters related to covering of duties, performance appraisal reports and salary increments, management of acting duties and promotion of officers and staff

4. To create a more conducive environment between management and staff through reporting of issues, handling and monitoring of disciplinary cases as well as declaration of assets by all personnel and staff of the department

5. To serve as a comprehensive facilitator through the coordination and monitoring of HRMIS implementation at the Prisons Department, specifically the activities before, during and after implementation of any particular HRMIS module/sub-module

6. To manage the administration of the department


The Human Resource & Administration Division consists of:

- To organise the department’s transfer meetings 11 times a year
- To organise personnel meetings as required by the department
- To organise the departmental joint council meetings of the Prisons Department four times a year
- To fill vacancies of appointment grades such as KX 17, KX 27 and KX 41
- To manage job vacancies for positions involving cadres
- To manage the filling of positions for new institutions that are involved from time to time


- To manage confirmation of appointment, confirmation in service, granting of pensionable status and extension of probationary period
- To manage unrecorded leave, unpaid leave, half pay leave and extended medical leave
- To manage applications for all types of benefits such as regional fares, medical reimbursements, ceremonial dress / black tie, winter clothing, regional incentive payments, interpreter allowance, financial incentive payment and payment of housing allowance
- To manage matters related to mandatory retirement, optional retirement, retirement on medical grounds and pension for uniformed personnel and civilian staff
- To manage resignations, discharges and termination of service


- To manage verification and consideration papers for acting duties and promotions of uniformed personnel in the management and professional group
- To coordinate four meetings of the Board for Promotion of Support Officers at the Prisons Department
- To supervise and manage meetings of the Human Resource Development Panel
- To monitor and manage meetings pertaining to the Salary Movement Panel


- To act as secretariat for Support Group (No. 1) and Management Group (No. 2) Disciplinary Board meetings of the Prisons Department
- To submit appeals against disciplinary punishment of officers/personnel to the Public Service Disciplinary Appeal Board (Public Service Commission)
- To coordinate matters relating to the declaration of assets of all officers/staff of the Prisons Department Headquarters and monitor the implementation of the asset declaration directive at its institutions


- To coordinate and monitor the updating of basic HRMIS data for 19 new institutions consisting of 14 state parole offices and 5 prison institutions
- To coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Leave Management Sub-module at 57 prison institutions
- To coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Asset Declaration Sub-module at 29 institutions
- To coordinate and monitor the implementation of HRMIS and infrastructure at the institutions such as to carry out inspection and on-the-job training (OJT) at 12 institutions
- To carry out inspection from time to time at all prison institutions regarding use of the HRMIS system


a. To manage and maintain the departmental filing system
b. To manage and maintain departmental vehicles
c. To manage and coordinate the department’s correspondence
d. To manage the purchase of capital assets / office inventory
e. To coordinate and organise the department’s Excellent Service Award ceremony
f. To maintain office equipment
g. To coordinate and organise the Prisons Department heads of institutions meetings
h. To coordinate and organise monthly meetings of officers and staff
i. To coordinate matters relating to the performance of parliamentary duties
j. To manage and organise applications for common goods from the Central Storage
k. To carry out disposal of capital assets / inventory


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