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Rosnani Binti Saion

To be responsible for the appropriate use of information technology so that the daily functions and tasks at the Prisons Department may be carried out in an efficient and effective manner and meet the current needs in order to guarantee professional and quality service, as well as achieve the targeted level of productivity

In order to achieve this objective, the Information Technology Division plays an important role at the Prisons Department as the primary mover in information technology, with the following functions:

To devise and recommend information technology policies, strategies, standards and plans for the department

To provide and enforce the methodology and standards in the development of the department’s application systems

To design and enforce an ICT security policy that is in line with the ICT security of the government

To manage the maintenance of computer equipment to optimise operation

To manage and provide guidance as well as advisory service in the implementation of information technology projects

To manage and carry out the process of procuring computer equipment for computerisation projects

To recommend training requirements in matters related to computer operations for all members of staff of the department

To act as secretariat to the Prisons Department Computerisation Project Management and Implementation Committee

The Information Technology Division consists of:
1.         ICT and Multimedia Security Unit


  • To plan the management of security incident handling at the Prisons Department
  • To manage security incident handling at the Prisons Department
  • To coordinate, monitor implementation and provide advisory service to the prison institutions
  • To manage the ICT security incident data of the Prisons Department
  • To plan the development of an electronic based security management system for the Prisons Department
  • To coordinate and monitor the implementation of the department’s portal
  • To provide online services and downloadable forms to facilitate access through the portal
  • To manage website content
  • To ensure that all hyperlinks are functioning

2.         System Development and Maintenance Unit


3.         Computer Administration and Movement Unit


  • To manage, operate and monitor ICT hardware and software procurement and requirements/maintenance at the Prisons Department
  • To manage and monitor ICT hardware and software maintenance at the Prisons Department
  • To manage, operate and monitor the assets and moveable properties of the government in the forms of ICT hardware and software at the Prisons Department
  • To provide ICT technical advice, support and assistance to the officers and staff (non-IT) of the Prisons Department
  • Other services as directed by the superior officer from time to time


4.         Communications Operation and Network Unit


5.         Parole Application Unit 

Programmes / Initiatives

  • Development of the electronic security management system at the Kajang Prison, Kajang Women’s Prison, Sungai Buloh Prison and Taiping Prison
  • Development of the video conferencing system at the Kajang Prison, Taiping Prison, Penang Prison, Simpang Renggam Prison, Pokok Sena Prison, Penor Prison, Puncak Borneo Prison and Kota Kinabalu Prison, as well as the Telok Mas Henry Gurney School

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy and ICT Security Policy of the Prisons Department

Please click to download. All files are in pdf format.

1. Information and Communication Technology Policy(ICT)
2. ICT Security Policy


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