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The televisit system is an alternative to family members visiting prisoners who are detained in institutions far from their home. Visits are conducted through video conferences that are expected to reduce expenses and time of family members. They only need to go to the nearest prison where this facility is available to visit the prisoner via the televisit system.

This system was established to facilitate and encourage visits by family members and indirectly fosters family ties and reduces the stress of the inmates as they serve their sentences. This facility is provided without any charge to the family or the prisoner.

The televisit system is available at:
1. Kajang Prison- Tel no.: 03-87364620
2. Simpang Renggam Prison - Tel no.: 07-7550990
3. Taiping Prison - Tel no.: 05-8072177
4. Penang Prison - Tel no.: 04-2289562
5. Pokok Sena Prison - Tel no.: 04-7825555
6. Penor Prison - Tel no.: 09-5121044
7. Kota Kinabalu Central Prison - Tel no.: 088-456474
8. Puncak Borneo Prison - Tel no.: 082-614066
9. Telok Mas  Henry Gurney School - Tel no.: 06-2619264

The family is required to register as users of the system at the prison institution where the prisoner is held. After registration, the family will be given visit cards and is eligible to use the televisit facility at any prison where it is available. The family needs to make reservations at least three days before the date of visit.

Inmate A is detained in the Kajang Prison in Selangor whereas his family resides in Penang. The family is required to register as a televisit user at the Kajang Prison and will then be able to make reservations for televisits at the Penang Prison or any other prison where the facility is available.

Regulations during visits


Visiting period is 45 minutes.


Visitors must be neatly dressed.


Visitors may give permissible food and other basic facilities to inmates by purchasing them from the inmate canteen.


Visitors are not permitted to give money, any form of tobacco, drugs and other substances as prescribed by the prison authorities.



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