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Pengarah Unit Undang-Undang

Abdul Kadir Jailani Bin Ismail

To provide the best, efficient and effective advocacy and legal advisory services to the department


1. To give legal advice and views to the Prisons Department, whether in writing or orally;
2. To formulate/amend primary legislation including regulations on behalf of the Prisons Department;
3. To formulate/amend subsidiary legislation including regulations on behalf of the Prisons Department;
4. To vet all agreements and other documents having legal effect prior to execution by the Prisons Department;
5. To act as an intermediary for the Prisons Department in civil cases under the jurisdiction and control of the departmental legal adviser;
6. To prepare affidavits in reply in cases involving the Prisons Department


The Legal Unit consists of:
1. Departmental legal adviser;
2. Superintendent of prison;
3. Federal counsel


Programmes / Initiatives
1. Formulation of the International Transfer of Prisoners Act 2011
2. Amendment of the Prison Act 1995
3. Amendment of the Prisons Regulations 2000


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